Scarred for Life?

So, new job was going ok. Just love when your “supervisor” only gives you tid bits of information until you make a mistake then gives you the rest of the information that you freaking needed in the first place.

Not to mention when your supervisor contradicts herself by telling you to do something, then she does the complete opposite and when you ask why she starts back pedaling.

I have many more examples and shared a few examples in a 2-page letter to her supervisor.  Fast forward to today, my supervisor emails me telling me that I need to meet with her and HR.

So of course from previously working at a place we will call “the pit of doom and despair”, I assumed I was getting canned. Nope I got a written warning. Talk about being side blinded by a warning. It brought back memories, not so good memories,  of “the pit of doom and despair”.

I was biting my tongue because I knew anything that came out of my mouth right then and there was NOT going to be good.

Apparently I don’t always make all the phone calls that I need to, I do not always say good morning, and apparently I am not “social”. I am sorry, but I don’t go to work to make friends, I have enough friends, friends I can trust. I try to be “friendly”, but some people need to get a grip if I don’t feel like talking because I actually have effing work to do.

It’s like damned if I do, damned if I don’t.  I am so fucking irritated that I am going thru work crap again.

Happy frickin’ Monday.


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