Feeling Peace in a Storm

I wish I honestly had a hangover today from last night just so I could justify today, Tuesday (I like Tuesdays just about as much as Fridays *see previous post about Fridays). I’m half-assessed tempted to leave work early, but, alas, my family likes food, clothes, TV, phones, and a roof over their head too much. And Looking out the window, I love watching the storm, watching the waves in the river run amok, watching the boats bob up and down & the wind whipping through as seagulls try to make their decent.

Actually the storm we’re having suits my mood.

Love storms. I like wind the most. Add thunder & lighting to the mix, even better!

The best place to storm watch, Cannon Beach, OR. Sea Sprite Lodging, 2nd floor of the duplex. No TV, no phone, just huge triple plated glass, fireplace, coffee (or a hot toddy) and pjs or sweats.

It 16 years ago, the last week of  January 1999. I just gotten my annulment (yes, that’s another story), my mom & stepdad decided it was time for me to get out & away from everything. They said “Pack up, you’re leaving with us.” At that time I was like (sarcastically) “Oh goody.” So I got packed up, was ready at the door when they arrived.

We headed out on this rainy day. “Suits my mood,” I thought to myself. Making our way down the coastline, we got to Seaside, went to a wonderful wine shop. Grabbed some food & hopping back in the car I realized I was feeling better. We made it to Sea Sprite Lodging.  I got out of the car & breathed in the fresh sea air. Heaven.

After we unpacked the car we headed down town to the little shops. So many shops. Big shops, little shops, tiny hole-in-the-wall  shops, hippy shops, snobby shops (which were fun to irritate the workers #shenanigans) and other nifty shops.

Heading back to our place, I was going through my head (my 28 year old head at that time) the why’s and how come’s of life. Thinking I knew what I want (and at that age, I honestly was sooooo off base), and figuring out my next move in my life.

Later than afternoon we lit the fireplace, mom and I wine glasses in hand sat silently & watched the waves crash along the shore line. That night we had a wonderful pasta dinner that I made, wine, card games & of course, more wine.

I slept with the window open that night, listening to the storm come in. Drifting off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up and coffee was brewing. Mom had just gotten back from walking along the beach. Her face red because the weather was a bit chilly & windy with rain smacking her face. But she loves that.

We decided to head to Tillamook. It was an interesting adventure, maneuvering around fallen trees, taking detours past flooded roads, finally making to the cheese factory. Once you get past the smell, the place is actually really cool.

Never seen so much cheese in my life! I was in constipation heaven!

We finally headed back to Cannon Beach, and I decided to have a go walking on the beach. I was all ready to be impaled by the rains that started coming down harder and harder. I made it down the stairs to the main boardwalk and onto the beach. Only to be whipped around by the gale force winds from hell, rain beating down on me like they were trying to tell me “Stop! Go back!” But I was hell-bent determined to make it to my destination. Haystack Rock.

Half way there, trying to catch my breath as I was walking against the wind, I reminded myself that this is how life it. It challenges you, raining down on you both joy & turmoil.

Making it to the rock, standing there, soaked to the bone, I rejoice inside, “I SHOWED YOU, YOU FUCKER!” That’s right, I yelled at a rock. And it felt great.

Walking back to the room, with the wind at my back, I’m smiling, blissfully smiling, with waves crashing, rain pouring down on me, thunder & lightning all around me…and I felt at peace in  storm.


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