R.B.F. ~ I Smile with My Soul

Vivien_Leigh_Gone_Wind_RestauredRBFS (Resting Bitch Face Syndrome) is a true symptom. Most of us of Italian, German & Russian decent are known to have this. And yes, my dad was 1/2 Finnish & Italian & my mom is 1/2 German & Russian, so this facial expression is pretty much daily.

People think I’m either a) pissed off at something, b) pissed off at someone, c) pissed off at them (guilty conscience?) or d) I’m just not in a good mood.

None of the above – if I was pissed off at something or someone you’d definitely know and you wouldn’t see the RBF if that was the case.

I’m typically either deep in thought or totally focused when I have the RBF. Even my co-workers have mentioned that I just don’t seem like I’m in a good mood when I have my RBF. So what did I do? Oh yeah, I went all crazy on them, smiling like the Cheshire-fucking-cat, saying “good morning” and “good afternoon” in the most high pitched voice ever.

Most of them got the damn clue. Others, not so much. Those people actually complimented to my boss how much of an change in my attitude when I smiled. Although I do have a gorgeous smile (except when smiling like a Cheshire cat) but seriously. WTF?

I not only have RBF when I’m in thought or focused, but if someone irritates me enough when they are talking about the same damn thing over and over my RBF comes right out. Yeah, they don’t notice it at first, but when they do, they tend to shut up.

Yes, I even have RBF when texting, messaging, and talking over the phone. Especially with a person who just won’t let shit go or get a clue that I’m not in the mood for their bullshit.

For example, I have a business & someone cancelled with no notice (I require a 30-day notice). I typically would have charged them the cancellation fee what the policy stated, but I gave them a HUGE discount, they refused, stating (falsely) that I didn’t do what they paid me to do. Wrong fuckers, I did EXACTLY what ya wanted, you just chose not to pay me for the work I did – and had your other family members had the books they needed, we wouldn’t have to have this conversation.  And of course this woman kept freaking texting me, hashing out the whole thing that happened TWO WEEKS AGO. So, I took a RBF selfy, sent it too her, stating to just stop and forget about it. She didn’t stop texting me, her reply was that I looked upset. O. M. F. G.

Since then I’ve actually blocked her from my email, FB, Twitter, SC, IG, etc. everything I could think of. It’s worked…knock on wood…so far. But still I have RBF that everyone is so intrigued about.

Only those closest to me know when I’m in a bad or good mood & yes, they see my RBF, and laugh when those people who don’t know me as well, ask them if I’m in a bad mood.

I’m not in a bad mood.

I’m not tired.

I’m not pissed off at anyone.

That’s just the way my face is…and yes I smile.

But mostly I smile with my soul.





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