Not Greener on the Other Side

grass-is-greener.jpgA year ago thinking that one job was going to be better than the last has been a major disappointment. And so I kick myself in my big fat ass as I am reminded, the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. The other side (where I currently am) is the same shade of green just different shit and a lot more weeds.

I would prefer to solely do what I love to do and making more money at it than I am. Not exude my energy at a dead end day job where someone else gets gold stars for being a complete fucker. Yes, a fucker.

At first the boss (we’ll call her Velma – because if the boss had the orange outfit on, she would look EXACTLY like her), was all like “oh yes, I welcome suggestions” (SHE LIED). I made suggestions that would make all our jobs a lot more cohesive and more being a team. Shot down left & right. Took the suggestions to Velma’s boss. Never heard from him.

“Oh yes, you can do whatever to your area where you sit.” So I asked about turning my desk, she freaked out & looked at me like I had 12 eyeballs. (SHE LIED AGAIN)

Later, there was a major medical issue within my immediate family & I was out for almost 2 weeks. A big no no is to tell customers that someone is “out” AND telling them about the major medical issue. But guess who did that anyway. Yeah, Velma. I asked her about it and she denied it right to my face (LIED YET AGAIN). And yes, there were more lies to my face and via email. Oh damn skippy I’ve documented & kept every email.

As I have gone through the last 8 years I know what I want & don’t want in a job. I definitely am tired of working for asshats. Ya know, the ones that are “there to support you”. What a crock of shit. Was told we get bonuses… oh yeah, we get bonuses alright, but we have to pay a tax on them. Ummmmmm, in previous jobs when I got a bonus, it was just that, a freaking bonus. What’s the point of a bonus if you’re getting taxed for it? That’s not a bonus, that’s “your pay”. WTF?!

I wish I could go back to the previous place of employment but previous department that I was in before I crossed over into the hell department– yes another story. But I can’t and I’m trying really freaking hard not to dwell on it, but when something and someone is so blatantly wrong in your face on a daily basis it tends to wear you down.

Sometimes I wish I could find a place that’s greener on the other side without the bullshit. But knowing that it might be a darker shade of green, I also know that there’s a possibility of different bullshit to deal with. The question is, how much more shit can I take before I completely break down.

So I have an action plan started. An action plan to make me happy for once because I haven’t been happy for a VERY LONG TIME. It may take me months maybe even a couple of years. But I’m sticking with the plan because I need to get out, I need to feel free again… so bad I can taste it. I will make my own side greener, clean up the bullshit as it comes and pull those nasty little weeds out of my life.





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