Thankless at Thanksgiving

Have you noticed how people are announcing their “blessings” more around the Thanksgiving holiday? Well, I gotta call bullshit on that. The most annoying thing is the daily “I am thankful for blah blah blah” posts on FaceBook, SnapChat, Instagram Twitter etc. That’s nice, how about cutting through the BS and saying what you’re NOT thankful for? Like war, diseases, sadness, anger, mental abuse, verbal abuse, physical abuse etc.

Why even announce, daily, what your grateful/thankful for? Shouldn’t people be thankful & grateful 365 days out of the year? Why is it some people only “announce” what they’re thankful for around the holidays? Why do we, as humans, feel the need to share with others about what we’re grateful for?

Now that I lambasted you with all that crap. Here’s what I’m thankful and grateful for EVERY FUCKING DAY:

  1. I’m alive – being above ground is better than the alternative
  2. My kids – no matter how batty they make me I love them with every fiber of my being
  3. My husband – though a pain in my ass, I still love him
  4. The rest of my immediate family – because they’ve molded me into the crazy psycho I am today
  5. My best friend (Sista) – without her I couldn’t come up with ideas that apparently piss my husband off – and we both agreed that if we were lesbians we’d get married
  6. My car – because I don’t like walking everywhere
  7. My house – it’s good to have a solid roof over my head (and I don’t like bugs buzzing or slithering around me)
  8. My hiding place – isn’t this obvious? It’s where NO ONE can find me
  9. The beach – good fresh ocean air makes me sleep better
  10. Coffee – oh hell yeah, without it, people would suffer
  11. Wine – well, because I like it
  12. Being able to write – that way I can vent about things that matter and don’t matter

I didn’t add God even though I believe in God, because He hears my prayers daily. Yeah, I’m spiritual, more Zen-meditative-woo-woo-spiritualistic more than anything. Still trying to “find myself” in a sense, so yeah, I am grateful that my soul is still intact and not totally hardened by every bad thing that has in my life.

With that said, I can’t wait to find out what kind of dysfunction happens at tomorrow Turkey day dinner so I can write about that!





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