Tasting Freedom

I am enjoying tasting freedom from the dead end day job. Yes, was let go due to “cutbacks”. Reality is, I was let go because my boss didn’t like me and this is the only way she could get rid of me legally. True story.

Although I was devastated at first, I am FINALLY realizing that I am pretty tired of dealing with bullcrap. So I have literally took this as a sign to sit down and reinvent myself. As kooky as that sounds, that’s what I have been doing.

I haven’t been able to think this clearly for years. I don’t feel rushed and I am able to get projects done, precisely, slowly and deliberately.

I have more energy and feel, well, free. I can focus too, yeah that took me by surprise!

And not so surprising, I have come find my friends who have been there during good times and rough patches. Although this doesn’t seem like a rough parch, and it’s probably because I have been through rougher times than this.




One thought on “Tasting Freedom

  1. Toni says:

    You have been through so very many rough patches…many of them in the past few years. Please do use the time to rest and to reinvent yourself. It is so worth it, even if it is some of the most difficult work you will ever have done. ❤

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